Project team

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We are:

Image of Kate Hill
Dr Kate Hill

Dr Kate Hill (she/her) – Co-Principal Investigator – Kate is Associate Professor of History, University of Lincoln. Her specialisms include history of museums and heritage; gender; nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is co-editor of the Museum History Journal.

Image of Claire Wintle
Dr Claire Wintle

Dr Claire Wintle (she/her) – Co-Principal Investigator – Dr Claire Wintle is a Principal Lecturer in Museum Studies and the History of Design at the University of Brighton (UK). Her specialisms include post-war British museum practice and professionalisation, histories of museum exhibition design, and contemporary curatorial practice and theory, with a focus on decolonisation and social justice.

Core network members:

Image of Andrea Meyer
Dr Andrea Meyer

Dr Andrea Meyer (she/her) – Andrea Meyer is an art historian working at Technische Universität Berlin. Her primary areas of research are museum studies and European visual arts of the 19th/early 20th century. Following a project on efforts to modernize museum practice in Germany around 1900, she currently conducts research into women’s museum careers and the artistic reception of collections from colonial contexts.

Image of Tamsin Russell at a lectern
Tamsin Russell

Tamsin Russell (she/her) – Tamsin’s career has focused on workforce and organisational development, in public and private sectors. She currently leads on workforce in the broadest sense at the Museums Association, from research to funding, strategy to delivery, providing career workshops, speaking on ethics, equity, and wellbeing; and leading formal professional development, mentoring and online learning programmes.

Image of Nushelle de Silva
Nushelle de Silva

Dr Nushelle de Silva (She/her) – Nushelle de Silva received her PhD in architectural history from MIT. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Ithaca College, she will join Fordham University as Assistant Professor in Art History in 2023. Her research examines architecture’s infrastructural role in mediating the movement of people, objects, and ideas, and her current project looks at traveling museum exhibitions in the latter half of the twentieth century.